PBS sponsors a webpage on its site and on Facebook about Iran called “Tehran Bureau.”   In PBS/Tehran Bureau’s own words its web page about Iran receives, “major funding provided by The William H. Donner Foundation.”  This Foundation also provides monetary sponsorship to militant Zionist Jewish groups, and has connections with major oil interests, such as Exxon Mobil.

For example the Donner Foundation also supports an Islamophobic and militant Zionist group called the “David Horowitz Freedom Center.” According to its own website, the David Horowitz Freedom Center targets “the efforts of the radical left and its Islamist allies to destroy American values and disarm this country as it attempts to defend itself in a time of terror.”  This group is in many respects the Jewish version of the KKK, and has been recognized as such by several disinterested journalists and organizations.

tehran bureau facebook  iran | facebook

tehran bureau facebook iran | facebook

Chip Berlet, writing for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an organization positioned to “combat racism and promote civil rights through research, education and litigation, identified the David Horowitz Freedom Center as one of the “right-wing foundations and think tanks support[ing] efforts to make bigoted and discredited ideas respectable.” Berlet states that Horowitz falsely blames slavery on “‘black Africans … abetted by dark-skinned Arabs.'”

Similarly, its 2011 report, “Fear Incorporated: the Roots of the Islamophobia Network in the United States,” the Center for American Progress cited Horowitz as a prominent figure instrumental in demonizing Islam and spreading fear about an Islamic takeover of Western society.

PBS/Tehran Bureau is funded by the same Foundation that financially supports the Horowitz hate group and a number of other militant and rightwing Jewish groups that use misleading names.

Some of the other groups funded by the Donner Foundation include, the American Enterprise Institute; the Center for Individual Rights; the Council on Foreign Relations; the Federalist Society; the Heritage Foundation; the International Republican Institute; and the Jamestown Foundation.

 PBS/Tehran Bureau claims to be “an independent news organization” – It is not.  PBS/Tehran Bureau claims it is not affiliated with or funded by “any religious organization, political party, lobby or interest group.”  That is also misleading.

Below are photoshop-manipulated pictures published by PBS/Tehran Bureau and presented to the public as news; in total disregard of the privacy of the child they are exploiting for political reasons.

PBS Tehran Bureau Fraud Sex IranPBS Tehran Bureau Fraud Persian Girls