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Discrimination against minorities in Iran

The sponsor of the video Fakhteh “Luna” Zamani is a well-known con-artist that long ago was outed as befriending separtist groups calling for division and annexation of Northern Iran.  In the photo published several years ago (pictured below) — which was also previously called to the attention of Iranian.com —  such groups refer to Northern Iran as “South Azerbaijan” and display the flag of another country over Iran’s territory.  If the people that operate Iranian.com or Fakhteh “Luna” Zamani ever returned to Iran, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the overwhelming majority of the people of Iran (acting independently of the government of Iran) would demand that they stand trial for the crime of treason.  These separatist groups (including sponsors like Iranian.com) frequently misuse and distort the label of “human rights,” and in a cowardly and manipulative fashion attempt to stir-up gullible kids to emulate treasonous behavior inside of Iran so that the kids are arrested, giving these groups something talk about.  In other words, the supposed “human rights” groups are the catalyst for many of the supposed “human rights” violations they complain about.

Iranian .com deliberately spreads separatist ideology and gives special privileges to groups like the ones above.  Often the separatist propaganda is positioned in-beteween otherwise innocuous travel or art stories to mask the true nature of the site and the groups and agendas that are promoted.

What is the connection between Israel and groups that support Saddam Hussein?  Here you do not have to take my word for it.  Below is a direct quote from Former Israeli Mossad Case Officer Victor Ostrovsky.  (Mossad is Israel’s spy agency.)

“The media was supplied with inside information and tips from reliable sources on how the crazed leader of Iraq killed people with his bare hands and used missiles to attack Iranian cities. What they neglected to tell the media was that most of the targeting for the missiles was done by the Mossad with the help of American satellites.” — Victor Ostrovsky (Former Israeli Mossad Officer).

(See, e.g., Victor Ostrovsky, “By Way of Deception,” St Martin’s Press, New York 1990; Victor Ostrovsky, “The Other Side of Deception,” Harper Collins Publishers New York 1994.)

Click here to read about Iranian.com’s betrayal of Iranians – that site should not be supported.

  • Iranian.com has been a platform for attempts at creating a civil war in Iran and that site is funded partly by Iranianpersonals.com.

This is what you see in the picture below:  One of the owners and moderators of Iranian.com pretends (for years) not to notice that a group headed by Fakhteh Zamani (ADAPP) is a separatist and panturkist group.  And below that you see this separatist group praises a historical incident when communist Russia invaded Northern Iran and attempted to annex Northern Iran.  The Zamani/ADAPP group celebrates that event (most Iranians would consider that conduct outright treason).  At the time when communist Russia attempted to annex parts of Iran, Northern Iranians apprehended the stooges that were collaborating with communist Russia and gave them the death penalty or sent them into exile.  The website with the misleading name “Iranian.com” is not representative of Iranians: No sensible Iranian should give one dollar of advertising money to that website and should boycott any businesses that advertise on Iranian.com.

The separatist and pan-turkist group that Iranian.com sponsors pretend to be “human rights activists” while their staff members write things like “get out Persian” and post photos showing Northern Iran separately under the flag of another nation.

In the picture you can also see that the owner/moderator of Iranian.com is friends with the leader of the separatist group (Fakhteh Zamani).

  • Who else attempts to create strife in Iran by sponsoring these groups?  Israel & its supporters.  

In August of 2007, the Republic of Azerbaijan’s state media (called “APA”) reported that an Iranian-Jew by the name of Ishak Parviz Nazarian is funding Israeli cooperation.  The report says as follows:

“The vice-president of Association Alex Shapiro met … lobbyist Ishak Parviz Nazarian. The activity and further prospects of Azerbaijani Diaspora in Israel was debated in the meeting. Shapiro said that 16 thousand Jews have been living in Azerbaijan at present. … Nazarian said that Azerbaijani Jews played important role in the formation of Israeli society. The sides underlined necessity of cooperation between Israeli-Azerbaijan International Association and Diaspora Organization uniting 30 thousand Iranian Jews and led by Nazarian.”

  • Nazarian, listed as the leader of 30 thousand Iranian Jews, is reported to actively fund pan-turkism and separatism in Iran.  

Nazarian is listed in pan-turkist publications describing Northern Iran by separatist names.  This is bad news for the Iranian-Jewish community because there is a great deal of circumstantial evidence that their “leader” has been engaging in treasonous behavior against the Iranian people.  It’s clear to me.  There is nothing more that can be said to convince me otherwise.  I also do not believe that Nazarian can ever return to live in Iran irrespective of the type of government that is in power.  (Do you really think 80 million Iranians would accept the explanations for the betrayal of this disloyal man who serves the Israeli state?)

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  • So-called ‘leader of Iranian-Jews’ Billionaire Ishak Parviz Nazarian, and Iranian-Jewish Mayor of Beverly Hills Jimmy Delshad (photo below).  

  • Why does Israel help the Republic of Azerbaijan spread pan-turkism?  Israel seeks to create separatism and a civil war in Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan supplies 30-40% of Israel’s oil.  (Remember that the Republic of Azerbaijan is land taken from Iran by Russia roughly 200 years ago.)  The greater the cultural, social, and linguistic differences Israel and the autocrats in Azerbaijan can create with Iran, the more of the natural resources wealth can be stolen by Israel and the elite in the Republic of Azerbaijan, while fostering problems for Iran.  

  • Below you can see antique maps of Iran (Persia) showing Iran’s territorial boundaries in 500 B.C. and 1753 A.D, both of which include the land now called “The Republic of Azerbaijan.”  In the 1800s Russia took land from Iran’s northern border at a time of weakness and disorder in Iran.  Today Israel and pan-turkists continue to exploit that stolen land, and the native Iranian people in the land that was taken through this historical theft for the purpose of exploiting the resources there. 

Enlarged 1753 A.D. Map of Iran.