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Netanyahu outlines Israel’s plans.

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Netanyahu’s UN Speech


If only Israel spoke the truth…


TIMES OF INDIA – Javed Anwer, TNN | Aug 20, 2012:

There is a cyber war going on between Iran and a few other countries. And India has been caught in the crossfire. It all started two years ago with Stuxnet, considered the most sophisticated computer virus ever and the virtual world’s first weapon of mass destruction. Stuxnet is like a laserguided missile. Compared to it, the older generation of viruses and trojans (malicious computer programmes) seem like crude bombs, says Shantanu Ghosh, MD, Symantec, a cyber security firm. It is capable of wrecking massive damage to digital infrastructure.

There is a reason why Stuxnet, caught in the wild by cyber security researchers in 2010, acquired this fearsome reputation. Cyber security firms like Kaspersky believe Stuxnet is the work of a nation. The likely suspects are the US and Israel because the malicious programme seems to have been designed with a single purpose – to disable and create havoc inside the nuclear installations of Iran by targeting several components manufactured by Siemens which are used by machines inside Iranian facilities.

While no one has confirmed anything,reports say that Stuxnet has hit a home run as far as derailing Iran’s N-programme is concerned. This attack was followed by Duqu, a virus caught last year. It was designed to collect information from official computer systems in Iran and several other Middle East countries. And just a few months back, Iran was hit by Flame, which too is believed to be the handiwork of state agencies.

Unfortunately,while Stuxnet,Duqu and Flame have acted as superb guided missiles, they are also weapons of mass destruction that are difficult to control. Cyber security experts believe that there may be several versions of these malicious programmes and not all are under control of the people who created them.

Computer Emergency Response Team for India (CERT-IN ) issued the first alert regarding Stuxnet infection in India on July 19, 2010. But by then,it was already too late. Kaspersky estimated that by September that year, Stuxnet had infected over 80,000 computers in India. Another security firm, ESET, estimates that the virus even infected some computers in the US.

By the end of last year, India was the third most affected country by Stuxnet, after Iran and then, Indonesia. Duqu too took a toll with India being the 8th most affected country. We even found a command and control server for Duqu in Mumbai, says Ghosh. There were reports in June that CERT-IN came across computers that had even been infected by Flame.

While Stuxnet has affected thousands of machines in India, including computers in vital and strategic installations, it doesnt damage a machine unless it finds certain Siemens components, says CERT-IN director Dr Gulsha Rai. But that doesnt mean it is not a danger. We had cleaned the infection from nearly 60,000 computers.

Nonetheless, companies and government agencies have suffered losses due to it. The main cost has been the resources we had to employ to contain and clean the infection, says Verizon’s Mark Goudie, who handles investigative response in the Asia Pacific region. Goudie says, “We have seen that many cyber criminals are trying to take control of Stuxnet so that they could modify and use it. Companies have to get rid of it. Our clients, who are mostly part of India’s service industry, have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get rid of it.

In July, US President Barack Obama painted a grim picture of a cyber attack in an article in The Wall Street Journal. Across the country, trains had derailed, including one carrying industrial chemicals that exploded into a toxic cloud. Water treatment plants in several states had shut down, contaminating drinking water and causing Americans to fall ill. Our nation,it appeared, was under cyber attack, he wrote. He asked the US Senate to pass the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 which will help the US acquire better offensive and defensive cyber warfare capabilities.

This case shows that cyber warfare is not likely to be confined to geographical boundaries. Rai and Ghosh agree that cyber warfare is akin to biological or chemical warfare,only with a potential to be messier as criminals or enemy states can theoretically target and damage vital installations, like power grids, on a grand scale. Rai says that an international treaty is required that clearly defines the rules of the game. Given the fact that cyber warfare is difficult to control, there is likelihood of massive collateral damage,something that will affect the common man even if he has nothing to do with the skirmish.

Malicious Missiles


This virus used stolen security certificates from well-known hardware companies like JMicron and Realtek so that it could fool computer systems Spreads through USB drives Reports say it crippled Irans nuclear installations by increasing and decreasing the speed of centrifuges rotor.It set that country’s nuclear programme back by two years.


Mostly spreads through emails. Commands and controls servers found across the world.


It has a code with a size of 20MB; Stuxnet has a size of just 500KB. Can take screenshots, record keystrokes, steal data and monitor network activities.

Al Qaeda (and many groups like it)  have always been funded by the CIA, the Israelis, & the Saudis.

  • Editors Note: It appears that this is not a serious investigation and the US is publicizing it to make it appear as if they have done something.  Don’t expect charges.  But if the average citizen did this, they would be arrested and prosecuted.  It shows that support of this terror group is official US policy. 
By Michael Isikoff – National investigative correspondent

Speaking firms representing ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Hugh Shelton have received federal subpoenas as part of an expanding investigation into the source of payments to former top government officials who have publicly advocated removing an Iranian dissident group from the State Department list of terrorist groups, three sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News.

The investigation, being conducted by the Treasury Department, is focused on whether the former officials may have received funding, directly or indirectly, from the People’s Mujahedin of Iran, or MEK, thereby violating longstanding federal law barring financial dealings with terrorist groups. The sources, all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity, said that speaking fees given to the former officials total hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Read more: http://openchannel.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/03/16/10710422-ex-us-officials-investigated-over-speeches-to-iranian-dissident-group-on-terror-list?lite
  • Let’s not pretend that the Israelis are not supporting the MEK terror group when the Los Angeles Jewish Journal admits the obvious pro-Israeli support for the MEK.  These are crimes Iranians should not forgive or forget.  The US government obviously believes it is okay for Israelis to support terrorist groups on US soil.  

Drug Seizures Surge on Iran’s Borders | The Fix.

Seymour Hersh, an American journalist, claims that PKK terrorists and its sister organization, PEJAK (PJAK), have been receiving support from the US and Israel.“In the past months, Israel and the United States have been working together in support of PKK and its Iranian offshoot PEJAK, I was told by a government consultant with close ties to the Pentagon,” said Pulitzer Prize-winning, Seymour Hersh.In an interview with Turkish daily Zaman, the leading American investigative journalist also revealed that the White House has lost control over PKK which has gone rogue.

Earlier, the renowned American journalist accused Washington and the Zionist regime of providing PKK and PEJAK with ‘training and equipment’ in a secret ploy to destabilize the region.

Commenting on PEJAK, Hersh asserted that Washington considers it as “part of an effort to explore alternative means of applying pressure on Iran.”

The Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (PEJAK) has been behind a string of deadly attacks on security forces in northwestern Iran. PKK and its PEJAK wing are considered a terrorist group by Turkey, the United States, and the European Union. The US promised to remove the PKK camps in Iraq yet no concrete step has been taken. Iran officialy accused the United States of supporting terrorism in the region.

  • Editor’s Note:  Kurds are an ancient ethnic Iranian people that speak an Iranian language and follow traditional Iranian customs.  The terror groups in Iraq sponsored by Israel and the US represent a tiny minority of the Kurdish people.  The Iranian soldiers that often defend Iran’s borders from these terror groups include many Iranian-Kurds.  Essentially, what Israel and the U.S. are doing is to try and create a civil war between brothers in the lands of Greater Iran and among the people of ancient Iran.  When the people of the region learn about the true nature of America’s and Israel’s crimes, there will likely be a backlash.  Iran also helped defend the Iraq-Kurds from Saddam Hussein’s attempt to exterminate Iraq’s Kurds.  Many Iranian soldiers were lost defending against Saddam’s genocidal campaign.  It is therefore extremely cynical and bizarre for the US and Israel to create these fringe terror groups in Iraqi-Kurdistan to attack Iran (which includes millions of loyal ethnic Iranian-Kurds).  The word “Kurd” itself is of Iranian origin.  

Israel is paying and training internet bloggers to delete, rewrite, and revise internet content to shape public opinion to Israel’s benefit. Video of the Israeli-sponsored training programs have been leaked to the web (like the video here).

Additionally, investigative reporters that infiltrated these groups have reported that Israelis are being trained to spread disinformation and to try to create conflicts among different religious, racial, and ethnic groups if it would benefit Israel. Some of the seminars also encouraged the workers to spread disinformation on the internet and to attempt to recruit free (unpaid) labor. For example, many of these bloggers have been trained to attempt to make friends with you by pretending that they share an interest in your favorite sports team or movie, or that they went to the same school, but they will ultimately try to recruit you to attack other groups or individuals that Israel thinks is against its national interests (e.g., ‘Muslims,’ ‘Russians,’ ‘Germans,’ ‘Latinos,’ ‘United Nations representatives’ and ‘human rights groups’). Others have been trained to personally attack, stalk, and harass anyone personally that does not agree with Israel. Not only is this type of behavior a terrible injustice to the accuracy of content (it’s actually state-sponsored propaganda), it is also damaging to the public trust because people are being misguided into working as unpaid servants of a government through false pretenses.

According to CIA memos from 2009, officers from Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad, were posing as American spies to recruit operatives from Jundallah, an extremely violent Sunni terrorist group. Jundallah seeks the overthrow of the Shiite-led Iranian regime, and is known to have carried out attacks on Iranian political officials, security personnel, and civilians.

The memos provide a telling look into just how far Israel is willing to go to prevent Iran from developing nuclear capabilities – and the type of tactics Israel is willing to use; its hard to play the “innocent victim” card when you’re recruiting terrorists to do your dirty work.

What’s just as interesting about the memos, however, is that they also illuminate conflicts between American and Israeli intelligence agencies, which have been at odds over how to deal with Iran. While the Israelis favour aggressive and violent covert attacks and working with groups like Jundallah, the Americans do not support such tactics (or so they say; given the US’s history of covert operations, its unlikely they’re as innocent as they claim – we’re still waiting for those memos to come out).

Due to this discrepancy, the discovery of Israel’s program caused significant controversy in American political and intelligence circles.

According to reports, Bush was infuriated after first learning of the program and the White House became concerned that Israel’s actions were putting Americans at risk. While the US willingly admits to being involved in joint intelligence-gathering operations with Israel against Iran, it denies involvement in “actions targeting Iran’s infrastructure or political or military leadership”.

The discovery of the program also caused a rift within US intelligence agencies, pitting those who questioned Israel’s bold and dangerous moves and were concerned they potentially opened up the US to retaliatory attacks, against those who claimed Israel was still their ally and Iran still the enemy.

The uncovering of this information is particularly pertinent in the aftermath of last week’s assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist – the 4th in the last 2 years – given that the CIA and Mossad have long been alleged to be behind the attacks on Iranian scientists as part of an attempt to stall Iran’s nuclear program.

At least as far back as 2007, reports have claimed the US was offering covert support to Jundallah and its fight against Iran, though the US has always denied any involvement with the group.

It remains unclear whether Israel’s recruitment of Jundallah operatives continues.*

* see also: Jundullah claims Iran attack on mosque.

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon has strongly hinted that Israel was involved in creating the computer virus Flame — a new Stuxnet-like espionage malware — to sabotage Iran’s nuclear plans.

Speaking in an interview with Israel’s Army Radio on Tuesday, Ya’alon expressed support for the creation of the virus and similar tools, saying it “opens up all kinds of possibilities.”

He also noted that it is reasonable for anyone who sees Iran as a threat to take such steps, saying that “whoever sees the Iranian threat as a serious threat would be likely to take different steps, including these, in order to hurt them.”

Ya’alon made the remarks only hours after a Russian lab discovered the new virus.

The computer security firm Kaspersky Lab, one of the world’s top virus-hunting agencies, said the virus is being used as a cyber weapon to attack entities in several countries.

The Kaspersky Lab has also announced that the worm is the most malicious ever and is designed to gather intelligence, adding that it can turn on PC microphones to record conversations taking place near the computer, take screenshots, log instant messaging chats, gather data files, and remotely change settings on computers.

“The complexity and functionality of the newly discovered malicious program exceed those of all other cyber menaces known to date,” said the Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, adding that a government or a coalition of states must be behind it.

Stuxnet — discovered in 2010 — was also a computer worm. It targeted Siemens industrial software and equipment in several countries.

Israel Kills Little Iranian Girl's Father

Anita Rezainejad, daughter of electrical engineering student Dariush Rezai-nejad who was killed by Apartheid Israel and its band of terrorist Mojahedeen e Khalgh stooges. Obviously it does not take skill for Iranians to do this to Israelis, but we are are calling for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel until it complies with international law. http://www.bdsmovement.net/