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Long Live Iran

Long Live Iran – زنده با د ایران

Iran Iraq War

Iran Iraq War

Visit Iran

Visit Iran


Chemical weapons against Kurds and Iran.


The U.S. Government and Israel, through the Jewish lobby, do the following:  Removed Saddam from the list of supporters of terror (after he invades Iran) (Document 1);  U.S. openly confirms in (now declassified memos) that Saddam was knowingly getting his chemical weapons from the U.S. (while the U.S. held out condemning or stopping him) (Document 2); and Saddam and the U.S. government  were establishing ‘mutually beneficial ties’ in an effort to steal Iranian resources (Document 3).  Europe also generously provided Saddam with millions in arms and training.


(1)  Department of State Cable from Alexander M. Haig, Jr. to the United States Interests Section in Iraq.”De-designation of Iraq as Supporter of International Terrorism,”February 27, 1982.  The State Department provides press guidance to regional missions regarding removal of Iraq from its list of countriesthat support international terrorism.


(2)  Department of State, Military Affairs Memorandum from Jonathan T. Howe to George P. Shultz. “Iraq Use of Chemical Weapons,” November 1, 1983. Officials from the State Department tell Secretary Shultz confirm Iraq’s“almost daily” use of chemical weapons. They note, “We also knowthat Iraq has acquired a CW (chemical weapons) production capability, presumably from Western firms, including possibly a U.S. foreign subsidiary.”


(3)  United States Interests Section in Iraq Cable from William L. Eagleton, Jr. to the Department of State [et al.].”Rumsfeld Visit to Iraq,” December 10, 1983. The head of the U.S.interests section in Baghdad tells Iraqi Under Secretary Mohammed al-Sahhaf that “perhaps the greatest benefit” of Donald Rumsfeld’s upcoming visit to Baghdad “will be the establishment of direct contact between an envoy of President Reagan and President Saddam Hussein.”