The Jewish Lobby, the leading apologist for apartheid Israel and 60 years of neo-colonial slaughter, abuse, and land theft against the Palestinian people, has once again shown the sway it holds over American politicians by sponsoring, in essence, a law to try and stigmatize ordinary Iranians.  The law tries to make Iranians look like villains.  Not only is the law nothing more than a discriminatory charade aimed at harassing and intimidating ordinary Iranians, it brings to light the farce of “American Democracy” when a militant Jewish minority serving a foreign nation hijacks the voices of American citizens in shaping public policy by bribing U.S. politicians.

Florida’s Sun Sentinel reports:

Florida financial institutions will have to notify the Office of Financial Regulation whether accounts with a foreign financial institution are facilitating efforts of the Iranian government to develop weapons of mass destruction, providing support to a foreign terrorist organization, helping anyone subject to United Nations sanctions on Iran or helping efforts by Iranian financial institutions to carry out prohibited activities.”

Is Iran’s nuclear program, which the U.S. helped to start in the 1970s, being funded and developed from Florida?  Perhaps U.N. inspectors should inspect Never-Never-Land at Disney World to be sure that Epcot Center is not a secret enrichment facility.  Or perhaps the better course is for the public to express outrage at the Jewish Lobby’s bribery of politicians, and subversion of democracy, by boycotting goods and services from Florida until the people of the state say “enough is enough.”

In enacting the boogy-man law sponsored by the Jewish Lobby, Florida’s Governor stated, “Florida and Israel have strong cultural and economic ties … Florida must stand with Israel and against her enemies.”

Florida’s Governor, also claimed that Israel is a “democracy,” but apparently he has little time to watch the following videos due the time he expends bending-over for the Jewish Lobby to create the pretense of an excuse for the problems created in the world from International Zionism:

If the Governor of Florida wanted to help clean-up corrupt financial institutions, he should start here: