Con Coughlin, The Telegraph, Iran News

Con Coughlin, The Telegraph, Iran News

If you missed the significance of this story, let’s take it in three parts:


If you are Iranian you already know that the MEK is not a “leading dissident” group – The MEK is universally hated by Iranians and they acted as Saddam’s private army and carried out chemical weapons attacks against Iran and Iraqi-Kurds in the 1980s (all of this is well-known).  This is not news to Iranians or Iraqi-Kurds.  For Iranians, it is significant because one can see clear evidence that the British media establishment embraces terror groups universally hated by Iranians, while trying to pass these groups off to the public as bona fide organizations, as amply evidenced by Con Coughlin’s article in the Telegraph relying on information from the MEK, a group that is also on the U.S.’s terror watch list; the Telegraph does not even bother to point these facts out in their article or to mention that the MEK assisted Saddam with chemical attacks.


Now that you have seen this story, you can confidently tell your families, friends and coworkers that Britain’s organs of power — including major media institutions like the Telegraph — are under the domination of Zionists which have gone so far as to embrace the very terror group that assisted Saddam in his chemical weapons attacks in the 1980s against Iran and Iraqi-Kurds.  The Telegraph article even parrots Israel’s talking points in exaggerating that Iran is engaging in a “huge expansion” of its nuclear program while citing a source that carried out chemical attacks on behalf of Saddam Hussein!  This means that Britain is occupied by the Zionists.  They control your newspapers and they ‘Zionize’ the news they feed you.  If you are British, you are not free: The Zionists have infiltrated your country, feed you their talking points as news, and seek to hype yet another war even after the wars with Iraq and Afghanistan that have left hundreds of thousands dead and wounded.


Con Coughlin’s article – and the Telegraph’s manipulation of facts — means that the Telegraph is totally unreliable and worthless to the public as a source of news.