Israel has been caught red-handed running computer centers where army staff are paid to manipulate Wikipedia entires, comments on social media, and to feed pro-Israeli propaganda to corporate news outlets.  Often these paid propagandists are asked to impersonate different ethnicities to dupe people into making their pro-Israel messages more credible.  These manipulative tactics  are a part of the Zionist charade to deceive people and cover-up a pattern of crime, human rights abuses, and neo-colonialism that world public opinion is increasingly finding fault with and unwilling to tolerate.

Here are a few quotes about the Israeli military’s online campaigns on social media networks:

“[T]here’s talk in the IDF [Israel’s military]
of a crafting a real-life master plan to invade social media.”  (Noah Shachtman, Wired Magazine, January 21, 2009).

In an article titled, “YouTube, Twitter: Weapons in Israel’s Info War” Wired Magazine states, “[T]he Israeli government is launching a campaign to dominate the blogosphere.” (Nathan Hodge, Wired Magazine January 21, 2009).

The Jerusalem Post quotes the head of the Israeli Defense Forces’ media branch as saying, “The blogosphere and new media are another war zone …. We have to be relevant there.”

In an article about the 2009 protests in Iran, Wired Magazine wrote an article titled, “Facebook, Google Go Persian, Aiding Iran’s Activists.”  In that article, Wired Magazine notes, “Some of the Web’s leading firms are rolling out new features … to not-so-subtly help [the uprising] inside the country.”