The webpage is the latest site that has the look, feel, and typical lopsided content associated with the war mongering Zionist Lobby and their proxies.  It also contains stories that indicate favor with Saddam’s former private army (known as the Mujahedeen e Khalq or MEK).  Its claimed “expertise” about Iran appears to be nothing more than a rehash of Israeli talking-points that the average ten-year old Iranian child could tell you lacks any serious information about Iran, and even the advertising content on has Israeli themes, with the latest stating, Show Solidarity with Israel. Free U.S.-Israel Flag Pin Today.”  That webpage, of course, is not bringing anything into focus about Iran.  Here is what appears to be happening: The public in the west has lost complete confidence in corporate “mainstream” news outlets such as CNN, The Washington Post, CBS, and The New York Times (as it should given their unreliable track record for acting as the mouthpieces of special interests).  The internet has made it clear that these formerly “mainstream” sources of information cannot be counted on not only about subjects such as Iran, but also in terms of gauging investment news, information pertinent to home buyers, the labor market, and other topics.  In other words, if you shape your life decision based on what you read in ‘mainstream’ news sources these days, you are screwed.  This is a bell-weather for the overall poor health of U.S. society and its economy – and things will likely get worse, much worse.  After seeing the public’s awareness of the unreliability of mainstream news, Israeli interest groups have tried to copy independent media by sprouting-up hords of webpages that impersonate independent news services: has the look, feel, and typical content of those types of pages.