On the 30th of June 2012 The World Heritage Committee added two of Iran’s ancient structures to its World Heritage List. One is the Masjed-e- Jame’ or Friday Mosque of Isfahan, It was described as “a stunning illustration of mosque-architecture-evolution over 12 centuries, and the oldest preserved edifice of its type in Iran and a prototype for later mosque designs throughout the region. And the other was Gonbad-e Qabus, a tomb built in 1006 AD; the only remaining evidence of the ancient city of Jorjan on the Gorgan River in northeast Iran.   UNESCO has described this ancient structure as “an outstanding and technologically innovative example of Islamic architecture that influenced sacral building in Iran, Anatolia and Central Asia. So far 15 of Iran’s ancient sites, 8 of its intangible cultural heritage, and 25 of its literary and scientific figures, have been listed by UNESCO. In this edition of the show we will be talking about Iran’s contributions to world history.  From Press TV’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/presstvchannel