Ynetnews describes itself as “Israel’s most comprehensive, authoritative daily source for 24/7 breaking news & current events from Israel and Jewish content.”
It was reported in the Israeli press, including in Ynet news, that a high-ranking official in the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu stated:
“Iran’s citizens should be starvedSuffocating sanctions could lead to a grave economic situation in Iran and to a shortage of food … while the Persian people have nothing to eat and may rise up as was the case in Syria, Tunisia and other Arab states.”

Four points about this:
[1]   It is clear that it is perfectly acceptable within the Israeli political elite and the people of Israel to adopt tactics they attribute to the Nazis, including the mass starvation of 80 million Iranian people.  A high-ranking advisor to the Israeli leader advocating ethnic cleansing and genocide against a civilian population is no small thing.
[2]  What the self-proclaimed “liberators” and “advocates of ‘democracy’ ” (the U.S. and Israeli governments) really intend and want is to genocide Iranian citizens to achieve their political and economic aspirations — that it includes men, women, children, the elderly and the infirm.
[3]  It is clear that Israeli and American officials who advocate military action and crippling sanctions against Iranians hide behind empty “human rights” slogans issues to spew out their hatred of ordinary Iranians.
[4]  The Israeli lobby in the United States (AIPAC) acts as the unelected governing body of America and has the ability to effectively stifle and deter American politicians and news outlets from expressing the appropriate level of outrage over the genocidal plans and rhetoric of the Israelis.
Below is a screen shot of the the Ynet story:
This is not the first time Israel has embraced the same tactics they accuse the Nazis of:
Fundamentalist Rabbis gathered in Israel to defend the publication of a book, Torat Ha’Melech, that set forth “justification” for the killing of non-Jews, including innocent children and families, based on the notion that Jews are superior to others.  (Video Produced by Max Blumenthal, Joseph Dana and Alternet.)
Can there be any doubt that Israel is a Nazi state?