An Iranian-based website entitled Young Journalists Club published an article with the following headline: “Membership in the Bahai Sect Required as a Condition of Employment by UK content provider.”

The Article reveals that a UK-based website named ManoTo (“You and I”) is working under the guise of promoting Iranian culture and social values, while including Bahai content in its programing to indoctrinate young people.  The Young Journalists Club notes that it has uncovered the intentions of this UK based site, which is to promote “Zionist, Bahai, and anti-Iranian” propaganda. The Iranian site presents a document which is a screen capture of a job posting from the UK website.

The job posting screen capture shows that the conditions of employment include  a “firm belief in the Bahai religion.”  The other conditions of employment are “The female applicant’s choice of clothing will be left to the management” (which implies that they will seek a sexual angle to promote the Bahai faith) and “the applicant must be against the government of Iran.”

Young Journalists Club Website