The Bahai “faith” is banned in many countries because it poses a threat to national security and targets children without the consent of their parents.

Even Israel, which houses the headquarters of the Bahai movement and aids it, will not permit its citizens to convert to the Bahai faith.  Naturally the reason is that Israel wants other nations to be subject to sleeper cells of Bahai converts that can work on Israel’s behalf, but it does not want its own Israeli citizens to fall prey to Bahai indoctrination.  Israel controls the Bahai headquarters (UHJ) through its intelligence services, and the  Bahai headquarters controls converts while concealing Israeli government involvement.  Consider the following letter from the Bahai headquarters in Israel, and marvel at the hypocrisy of the Baha’is in accusing other nations of not wanting Bahai activity within their borders.

“Whenever an Israeli citizen living in the West, irrespective of his background and religious affiliation, declares his belief and interest in becoming a member of the Bahá’í community ,he should be informed that the Faith is not taught in Israel and that there is no Bahá’í community there apart from those who are associated with the Bahá’í World Center. He cannot be accepted into the Bahá’í community if he is planning to return to Israel to reside there. If he plans to continue to reside outside Israel, his enrollment can be accepted, but he will then be subject to the same restrictions about travel to Israel as any other Bahá’í, in that he could do so only with the express permission of the Universal House of Justice.In any event, the Universal House of Justice should be informed of any such declaration.

(Letter from the Bahai “Universal House of Justice,” dated October 20, 1994, to several National Spiritual Assemblies.)


Baha’is also run a powerful propaganda organization called the Bahai Internet Agency that defames critics, manipulates the public and tries to censor criticism.