Editors Note:

Iranian.com is run by several people, but two of the monsters that run that site are Jahanshah Javid and Said Amin.  Not only do they constantly promote anti-Iranian  propaganda, they also permitted the blatant online abuse of a child until one person on the site complained.  The person who complained forwarded his article to us that got him banned from Iranian.com.  Said Amin and Jahahshah Javid were allowing Iranian.com to be used by pro-Israel people who linked to pictures of Iranian children, and without any evidence whatsoever, claimed that the kids in the pictures were HIV positive (had the AIDS virus).  They were allowing the lives of children to be jeopardized without their knowledge or their parents’ knowledge.

The facts are so heinous that people could easily reach the conclusion that Said Amin and Jahanshah Javid are criminals, as I have.  If I was on a grand jury, I would have zero hesitation returning an indictment again Jahanshah Javid, Said Amin, or Iranian.com.  Said Amin also owns Iranianpersonals.com (a marriage and dating site) and the Iranian community should avoid and boycott that site.

Below is the story that got the whistleblower banned from Iranian.com.


Photo: Iranian.com letting Pro-Israeli people Pretend to Be Iranians & Claiming Iranian Kids Have HIV.


“I have often asked myself: Why does a website that calls itself “Iranian.com” allow a pack of pro-Israeli bloggers to daily attack little Iranian boys and girls and falsely suggest, for example, that a little Iranian boy has HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) without any evidence whatsoever?  If there is evidence this little boy has HIV, I would be the first to submit a written apology to the site for asking the question.  If I owned this site, and a member of the Iranian community asked me, “Why is it okay for the Israeli Internet People to vilify and defame innocent Iranian children on your site?” I would give a straight and prompt answer.  The behavior is worse than if someone made up this same vicious lie about an adult because it’s a little kid that is being targeted and he is about 7 or 8 years old; He obviously can’t defend himself. I hope you will permit me to ask that question in his defense:Where is the evidence this little boy has HIV?  If the evidence exists I will sign over the deed to my property to Iranian.com, Saïd Amin and Jahanshah Javid in equal portions and they can do whatever they want with it (no joke); take it as a legally binding offer to make a lot of easy money. What would you think if you were 7 or 8 years old and someone linked to your picture and falsely suggested you had the disease that causes AIDS?! To be perfectly honest, I can see how these pro-Israeli bloggers will even go so far as to trample on the life of a child to achieve a little propaganda against Iranians.  And I don’t know if you are aware of this, but there’s an email going around that in essence says: Saïd Amin finances and owns Iranian.com and Iranianpersonals.com and he lets packs of Israelis constantly push for ‘bombing Iran,’ make threats, and target innocent Iranians, including children.  Should we still support his businesses?  Is this someone Iranians can be proud of?”  Hopefully, you can shed some light on this issue. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” (MLK)  Please tell the conscience of the Iranian people who worry about the manner this little boy is being defamed and vilified on Iranian.com that there exists evidence that he is HIV positive and that there is some good reason why this type of invasion of his privacy has been allowed against a child.”