General Description of Bahais

The Bahais are an Israeli controlled cult that seeks brainwash poor and uneducated people and little kids to make them stooges for the Israeli government and other Western governments (historically Imperial Britain used this cult effectively to cause great harm to Iran, Egypt and Turkey).  In the past, Bahai followers have engaged in serious acts of treason in many of the countries they have been allowed into. This is the reason many counties of the Middle East – wary of techniques and tools of imperialism used by Western intelligence agencies – don’t want Bahais in their lands.  The objection to Bahais is that what they are brainwashed to do is to betray the countries they live in.  The Bahai leadership is headquartered in Israel and tightly managed and generously funded by Israel’s spy agency. A lot of Bahai mind control is also about money. They build massive buildings around the world, claiming the buildings will attract new members. New members are pressured to recruit more new members who will give more of their money for more buildings and Bahai activities. They target mainly poor and uneducated people who believe in giving the little money they have will bring them closer to God.  Bahais often lie about their numbers.  The followers are simply pawns waiting for their Israeli paymasters to exploit, while believing that they are serving God.  All Bahais are assigned a membership identification and number that helps the leadership keep track of them and punish them if they step out of line.

Bahai Attacks Methods

Professor Cole of the University of Michigan (a former Bahai) is on record in giving his opinion as to how Baha’is behave (especially on the internet):

“With non-Baha’is or with ex-Baha’is, they [Baha’is] deal with their speech about the 
faith by backbiting, slandering and libeling the speaker. … No one fights
 dirtier than they when they discover a voice they cannot silence and cannot 

Bahai Propaganda

TV channels like ManotoTV, Farsi 1, and BBC Persian try to secretly promote the Bahai “religion” (I dont think even it is a religion!), inside of Iran. For example, every year ManotoTV has a program by name of “Goo-goosh Acadamy ,” they use a singer by name of Goo-goosh to attract people and then later on when they make sure that people have been attracted they slip in Bahai propaganda.  The truth is that Iran has many faiths that practice within the law like Zoroastrians, Muslims, Christians (Armenians and Assyrians), and others.  The objection to Bahais is based on national security considerations that have greatly harmed Iran in the past.

Bahai complaints are without merit

Bahais live on stolen Palestinian land and are protected by the Israeli military. Much of the hate speech coming out of Israel about people of other faiths (e.g. Christians, Muslims and Zoroastrians) is quietly assisted by the Bahai leadership.  Bahais will not respect parents’ wishes to not proselytize to their children – Bahais will tell you to your face they won’t try to convert your kids, but turn around and find some other excuse to do it behind your back.  They are relentless in this activity.  Bahais are constant complainers and devious liars that try to make themselves out to be model citizens.


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