God’s Chosen Asshole

Darius Kadivar (in the photo he made of himself with the yellow star and gun) states he “prefers Apartheid” and he blabs each day about how he would love to have a King rule the nation but supposedly he is against a “Godfather’s regime.” I guess a King is not a Godfather.  What a disgraceful joke of man. It’s a universally accepted moral rule that whoever “prefers apartheid” is a pile of crap and the website that allows him a platform while censoring others is no better than this dung heap. Jahanshah Javid and Said Amin (the guys that run Iranian.com) who lick this monster’s feet everyday by permitting him to spread his sick vision of the world while censoring others, only expose  the true nature of their shameful and hypocritical website. I’d love to see all three of these degenerates try to step foot in Iran and repeat their nonsense under any system of government. They don’t have to worry about the Iranian government because the people would disown them immediately. Sickos like this probably  know they can never return to Iran under any circumstances. I hope these degenerates go to Israel so the Israelis can use them like disposable napkins like so many they have before. Of course, Kadivar would probably enjoy Israel because he’s a member of the “tribe of apartheid,” but the other two dip-shits that run Iranian.com?  Good luck suckers!  Long Live Nelson Mandela.  Free Palestine.  Long Live Iran.  Stop Zionist Misappropriation of Iranian Identity Online.