& CANNOT be trusted

  • How did this website get started? and are owned/operated by 2 people that constantly (1) promote the boming of Iran and the starvation of its people; (2) they do not respect your private information and allow it to be abused; (3) they deliberately broadcast terroristic and violent threats; (4) they use all kinds of profanity; and (5) THE BIG REASON: If you object to any of this they will look for a reason to ban you from the site for doing absolutely far less than the clear crimes they are engaging in.  I will prove it.

  • Can you show some proof?  

Absolutely.  Below are direct quotes showing that the site made up a lie and banned me under a baseless and trumped-up accusation of “profanity” while allows terroristic threats and allows people to solicit acts of violence against others for expressing their opinions.  Also you will see in Hebrew it is written “I love Israel, your people can go Fuck themslves.”  (So, much for the profanity excuse.) Make no mistake, despite the lies of they permit this:

*  ” by admin on Mon May 28, 2012 10:28 PM PDT  This person has been blocked under different usernames because of flagrant abuse, including profanity and personal attacks.”
*  “by Arash Kamangir on Thu May 24, 2012 10:01 AM PDT Haven’t we got some brave iranians to beat the hell out of him so scum sepahis like him don’t think USA is IR.”
*  ” by Mardom Mazloom on Sun May 27, 2012 01:33 PM PDT אני אוהב את ישראל וגם לך תזדיין! “ [Translation: “I love Israel and your people can fuck themselves.”]
  • What about the profanity?  
You saw above that lets pro-Israeli people (writing in Hebrew in that example!) to tell Iranians “to fuck themselves.”  A great “Iranian” site?  I didn’t use any curse words nor did I make any threats like the above examples where they let those people stay and carry on like that. was asked to produce evidence that I had done something wrong and they couldn’t do it.
  • Is there any more profanity on
Yes, and by the person that made the false profanity charge.  Let’s get serious about profanity.  One of the guys that has owned and runs is Jahanshah Javid.  Here’s what he says on the site about his experiences with prostitutes (later he admitted that he was using a fake name which he hypocritically accused me of!):
Jahanshah Javid:  “As I got out of bed, I noticed I was wearing a condom. Sandy had slipped it on without me noticing. A pornographic video was playing on the TV. Sandy was naked in two seconds. She pulled down her skirt, unbuttoned her short-sleeved shirt and went under the cover.  I didn’t know prostitutes usually don’t kiss clients.”  Subsequent notation added to article by the publisher: “The author is also known as Jahanshah Javid. Here’s the original page before this note was added on October 4, 2002.”).1
  • Have others complained of terroristic threats and abuse? 
Yes.  Two examples of threats they allow: “If you ever had the guts to show yourself to me I would slap the daylights out of you until you renounce your citizenship – Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:48 PM PDT.” 2  “Keep on writing; unless you are in Iran a midnight knock is coming to your door. If you happen to be in Iran, it will be a midnight bang! – Sat Apr 14, 2012 10:31 AM PDT.”  And other people have also complained, “The first attack on me at IC [] came in 1998 when someone who did not like my views called my place of employment and complained about me – Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:18 PM PDT.”  And yet another person says, “Threats of violence and murder are openly being made on by the entrenched lynch mob of the site against anyone who disagrees with the party line.”   Take it seriously: sponsors terroristic threats.
  • What was the subject matter of your article on that got you banned?
I’ll show you. and the guy that owns were allowing an Iranian child to be falsely accused – without his or his parents’ knowledge – of having HIV (the disease that causes AIDS).
This is what I was writing about:
“I have often asked myself: Why does a website that calls itself “” allow a pack of pro-Israeli bloggers to daily attack little Iranian boys and girls and falsely suggest, for example, that a little Iranian boy has HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) without any evidence whatsoever?  If there is evidence this little boy has HIV, I would be the first to submit a written apology to the site for asking the question.”
 … To Be Continued.